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It was the usual tuesday morning. I woke up and before I got off my bed was trying to get up-to-date with the latest news around the world. Then, I come across an article headlining ‘Cricket under Attack’.

Born as a Sri Lankan, we have an intrinsic right to love this game. I touched a cricket bat before I even saw what a pen or pencil looked like. I learned how to bat and bowl before I learnt to write. We are Sri Lankan and proud of our cricket – even a religion to some of us. That is why I was dumb founded when I was reading this article “Pakistani extremists had opened fire at the Sri Lankan cricket team while they were heading towards the cricket stadium”.

I was thinking to myself. Why on earth would some random muslim extremists do such an heinous act ? I have narrowed down a few reasons why:

1. Publicity – every wants attention – whether its a 2 year toddler or fundamentalist terrorist. Its just that everyone has their own way of getting that attention they desire. A toddler would cry while terrorist would fire and bomb an important figurehead or event. Different methods to achieve the same end – Attention

2. To prevent a series loss. A Conspiracy theory ? Maybe. Pakistan conceded over 600 in the first test against Sri Lanka and it was only repeated in identical fashion in the second test. But, the difference was that this test pitch was not a batting paradise. A defeat was eventual based on previous cricket statistics-  win-loss ratio of team scoring 600 or above in the first innings. Some bookies who had bet a large proportion of their illegally earned money had a vested interest in Pakistan winning. And getting 12 random fundamentalists to kill a non-muslim cricket team wouldn’t be that difficult when you have that much money invested in the Pakistan team winning.

3. LTTE – Lamebrain Tigers of Tamil Eelam was solely responsible for it. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have very good international relations under Mahinda Administration. Pakistan have substantially helped Sri Lanka eradicate the LTTE. From offering fighter jets at discount to even helping us man our jets. Clearly, this situation was a ‘no no’ to the LTTE. To mess up this blossoming  relationship, the LTTE got some of their like-minded friends to do their biding. Unfortunately, Mahinda was more pissed with the LTTE than usual. He up the fighting in the North the last few days so I guess the LTTE’s plan has back fired.

So thats my take on this whole incident. Anyways, I just released how ignorant I have been about the real threat of terrorism. These groups are just getting stronger and more organized. Plus, with the kind of funding they have access to anything could be possible in the future.

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  1. it sounds like the recent attack against the Sri Lankan cricket team is turning out to be a huge blow to tons of Pakistani cricket fans, since now the sport in general has to be curtailed throughout the country

  2. Regardless of who is responsible for the attacks, you can condemn the shameful attacks on the Sri Lankan team here!

  3. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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