Theoretical Love


Why does universities focus on theory before application or practice ? Theory is important as it provides the sound foundation for everything else. The application of any subject matter without understanding the basics and core workings of that subject would be just futile.

Love works along similar lines. Remember the quote “To fall in love with love itself”. That is exactly what I am getting at. To really fall in love, one must fully comprehend the full potential of love.

Unfortunately, there is no degree in ‘love’ offerred in University. However, there are books, internet articles and endless material. A vast range of ideas and concepts about love and everything it encompasses. We should all take the time to read this material and enlighten ourselves about the full potential of love. Only, then can application be successful.

And remember, when you enter into a relationship and fall in love with the wrong person. That is a problem with your understanding of love. I know that love is one of most complex subjects to understand. However, the best things in life are never easy. If it was so easy then so many people wouldn’t desire and crave for it. Just because you do not want to put in the time and effort to understand love does not mean that you have the right to complain about it when it doesn’t work out for you – Do not blame the institution for your stupidity.

Another important point, the need to separate theory and practice. The stupidity of most people is the misconception that love can be learned during the application stage (i.e. when there are going out with someone). Hence, most learning about love through numerous failed relationships and heartaches. Even, the relationships that does work are only ‘warped perceptions’ of love. Most incapable of understanding the full promise of love.

So, do not point the finger at love for your own stupidity and ignorance. Take some time out from your futile application and spend some time on understanding theoretical love. So when someday you do apply this knowledge, you can really understand what is to fall in love. An illusive emotion but by far the greatest emotion any person can feel in a lifetime.

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