Friday THE 13th


The flat party was great. How could it not. There were Americans/Canadian and there were French. A perfect mix of classiness and skankiness. The french providing us with an amble supply of wine while the Americans providing good old beer. Of course, few of us were already dressed up for Friday the 13th ESN party. Hence, it provided a easy platform to start conversation with total strangers. It was good – but then again – how does one measure how good a party is ?

Maybe, it depends on the number of people who pass out ? Or the number of people who get lucky ? Or just the ‘number’ of people at the party ? Whatever, the reason is one thing was for sure, our flat party rocked as usual. Sadly, kicking people out of an awesome party is never easy. A task I took upon myself given my flat mate were too wasted to even move much less talk.

After several attempts, everyone was out and we headed to the actual party! Again, I should write a note to myself ‘DO NOT drink Vodka Red Bull’. Next morning, I woke at a total stranger’s flat without my green-striped T-Shirt (btw which I love). After repeatedly failing to find it in that flat, I asked S where it was – And so the story goes as follows:

  • An exchange guy convinces me that I would look more like the joker (from batman) without my T-shirt. Me, intoxicated with the Vodka Red Bull, takes off my T-shirt and hands it to S. S (pissed off because of the incident thursday) thinks this would be funny and humiliating and so keeps silent while I walk around topless.
  • Sheeeez – I manage to surprise myself every single time.

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