What does It take ?


Argh!!! Sometimes, its so difficult that it drives me insane. After much thought, its either of these conclusions: 1) Men are from Mars & Women from Venus OR 2) We (men) have freaking idea when it comes to relationships with the opposite gender.

Ok fine, retrospective looking back at the sequence of events, it is ‘obviously’ my fault. If, I have learnt one thing over the last few months is that my ego has a minimal role to play in a relationship. Surprisingly, women pick their fights and whenever they do – life is easier when you agree. If not it ends up in one giant spiral web where no good can come from it (for either of them).

Besides that last few days have been my attempt to ‘make up’ for something I did about a week ago. The ‘what it took‘ list goes as follows:

1. Suntanning ‘champion’; yeah, I promised myself that this was the last thing  to do at Margit Island.

2. Cook dinner: I can’t cook to save myself. But, after several hours of research and trial & error, I did surprise myself with something worthwhile.

3. Flowers; I know this is a prerequisite for a ‘make up’. But, trying to find a fresh flower shop in this city. It took me more than a day to find one (specially one that sells pink lilies)

4. That Thing; she was interested in it from the time I can remember. So, finally went out and got it.

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