How the Hofburg Empire wasted Taxpayer’s Money


So, awhile back I was in Vienna. Its only 2 hours from Budapest and its so cheap to rent a car and just drive there over the weekend. Anyways, after visiting there several times I have discovered what a lavish lifestyle the kings & queens of ages past lived. But then again, living a lavish lifestyle is one thing but just throwing money away is a wholly different matter. Every cent spent was money collected either through trading or ravaging nearby countries. This was the people’s money but the loyal families of the Hofburg empire knew exactly how to waste that ‘hard-earned’ money.

The legendary Hofburg King’s Crown – Cost: a few million euros

dscf02701Well, they decided its better to have another one for special occasions (or if the other one gets lost) – Cost 5 Million euros


Daily wear – T-shirt & Shorts wouldn’t just cut it even if you are just hanging out in the palace – Cost: close to 0.5 million per piece


Why drink water from a cup when you can get one made from gold (Maybe water tastes better when served in gold) – Cost: over 3 million euros


Remember your loyal blood line ? Don’t worry, we have our own necklace with all the previous Kings so you will NEVER forget- Cost: N/A

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