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For the Third


I have always believed that in my life all you need is 3 good friends. Of course, I have no real reason why its 3 but so far its worked perfectly fine. Well, for 23 years I have had only 2 (had 3 but I did the ultimate mistake of dating a good friend).

The third was anything but what I would have contemplated to fit into this group. Yet, honestly over the last few months we have become closer than brothers. I have shared more things with him and gone through even more shit than I have with anyone else before (ofc excluding the other 2). If there is a moment to ever violate Article 77, last night was it. I have said farewell to so many people over the years and nothing has ever been this hard. Sometimes, I wonder how did I ever get so close to a total stranger over the last few months. And then I remember:

  • You literally carried me back on your shoulders so many nights when even you were too drunk to stand
  • Listen (tolerated) to all the bullshit both emotional (specially when i get drunk) and intellectual.
  • Enlighten me by example how to drink, dance and sing. Oh and cook too
  • Jumped in whenever the situation required it. Whether its to just stop me from passing out or not drinking enough
  • Best travel bud ever. From vienna to solvenia or just around hungary itself. The things we did and shit we saw- Good times
  • Just tolerate me: I know I can be really hard to live with. Yet, every single time you somehow managed.
  • Rescued me from the financial crisis. Paid for everything and never asked when or if you can get that money back.
  • Quite simply, the selflessness and honesty you showed awed me to the core.

I can go on all day with this list but really what I wanted to say was:

Hyvästit Ystäväni

I will truly miss you

Songs from the Past


I was only 18 then, just finished my A/S Levels and getting ready for my A/Ls when it happened. It was an amazingly strange while exciting feeling.

It made a bookworm day dream in class, skip econs class for perfect duty, bribe the head perfect to change duty roaster etc… It was by far the ‘best’ years of my teenage life which made me wonder if life would ever get any better than that. It made this naive 18 year old do whatever it took to hold on those moments in the fear of losing the best thing that had ever happened to him….

Looking back, it was definitely great and still brings out a random smile thinking about it.

However, this post is not about everything that has passed but more about history repeating itself. Lately, I have found myself listening to a few songs from that not-so-distance past. Doing random things, which I have not done in what seems like forever….. even humming and smiling to myself…

For years, I clung onto something in the fear that I couldn’t find no other like it…. Now, so many years down I have found it when and where I least expected….

For you 🙂

Good News


Today, I heard some news which was just too exciting not to blog about. Of course, due to the privacy of the people involved, names and the actual news can’t be posted. But all that matters is that I have waited over 3 years for this to happen and now it makes my life officially so much easier 🙂

Thanks random stranger

What awaits in Singapore


So, after this looong holiday I am finally going back to Singapore. These are a few things I am looking forward to;

1. Meeting two of my ‘close’ friends. Honestly, I have missed those long conversations I use to have either in the Arts Canteen or at the Hostel. Sadly, Intellectual discussions over a cup of coffee are not really an european thing and I have missed it so much.

2. Working at Burger King. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t even say this but making a 290g Whopper within 45 secs and random rattles with Eddie always make my day.

3. Cutting down on the drinking & stop smoking. As long as I stay in a europe I am only gonna set myself up for some painful terminal cancer. I am so looking forward to going back and enjoying some Green Tea and alcohol consumption is only twice or thrice a year.

4. The gym. Sadly, I have exercised as much as I have studied. It would be nice to hit the gym and enjoy that kaya toast set afterwards.

5. School & Constant Mugging & Stress – For almost 99%, this a bad thing to look forward to but I fall into that 1%. I can’t wait to get up at 8am to ran to the library to get the ‘V’ seat, read the zillion recommended readings, make professional muggers and have heated arguments with other law students in the library staircase.

6. Pupillage application. I have waited this for 2 years and finally it is here. And, if all goes well I would one step closer.

7. Chili Crabs at Newton, Tom Yam at Lau Pa Sat, Chicken Rice  at Raffles Place and Sugar cane at Bukit Timah Market. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.

Of course, if there is one thing I would miss about Budapest – the people. But, that’s a whole different post in itself.



European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, a programme that had a number of specific objectives:

  1. to improve the quality and to increase the volume of student and teaching staff mobility throughout Europe, so as to achieve at least 3 million student and teacher exchanges by 2012
  2. to improve the quality and increase the amount of multilateral cooperation between higher education institutions in Europe
  3. to improve and increase cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises
  4. to spread innovation and new pedagogic practice and supports between universities in Europe

Apart from the student mobility mentioned in the first objective, which is the most visible and “iconic” element in the programme, support is also given to developing closer links between university faculties.


Really what is ERAMUS all about:

1. Getting drunk every night and experiencing a different culture by ‘getting it on’ with another nationality.

2. Skipping class because:

a. All you have to do is pass the exams

b. Too hangover from the previous night

c. Traveling in another country

3. Trying as many different nightclubs, alcohol and partners as possible. It is all about building up a story that you can tell your male friends in the future over drinks.

4. Retaking exams several times because the first time you were either hangover from the previous night or didn’t study due all the drinking and traveling.

So, why do universities still insist that their students take part in ERAMUS. Maybe, behind of this drinking & traveling, we actually learn something. For me, this is what I have learned over the last 4 months:

1. Life is bigger than your own little circle. We try to draw boundaries so we feel comfortable and able to understand what is going around us. Sadly, the real world has no boundaries and if you can get down with that then your success is always gonna be limited.

2. Women – Yes, my narrow perceptions of women were proven wrong over the last few months. Its sad, how Asian women have lost perspective of love and family and replaced it with career and money. At least now I know that if I do ever get married, it is gonna be a westerner or at least someone with that kinda of personality.

3. I am smarter than I thought. Yes, its my ego at play again but after studying in Budapest with Germans, Americans, Scandinavians etc, I have realized that end of the day when it comes to academics I am just freaking good. Ask any ERAMUS student about Sami and they would tell you about how much he was drunk the before night and went just crazy but showed up for the 9am class the next day and made every other student feel stupid in class.

Same Old Habits


I think that I am cursed when it comes to this. Every single time, when I fall I fall into the same trap no matter how hard I try.

Its the second time, only the second time but still the second freaking time. I knew this, I experienced it before, I hated this but blindly I walked into it again. I would love to say to myself that this time its different but who am I kidding. Honestly, I dn’t need this not now and not after everything that has passed….

But…………….. its impossible to say no to something that has given you a sense of purpose.



With less than an hour for my exams, I find myself still blogging away with no care in the world.

Expectations: We create this artificial set of presumptions. Wants and Needs that we expect/desire/assume must be provided from others. Of course, this set changes depending on the social setting. Your expectations of your partner varies substantially from that of your work colleague. Furthermore, these expectations are rarely constant even if its in relevance to just one social relationship. As we mature and experience life, these expectations change – heightening ones expectations or discovering the delusions of one’s expectations.

Why does our expectations seldom align with reality ? Maybe, these expectations are mere imaginary constructs of the human mind. Created and strengthened to fabricate an artificial perfect world where everyone is content with no real misalignment of needs and wants – a dream world where as Humans we prefer happiness over truth & logic.

Irrespective of why we do it, we are all victims to this misbelief. For over 23 years, I too fell trapped, expecting so much from others while really never ready to give back as much – Selfishness and Greed have been most unwelcomed companions. But, the last few months here have been an eye-opener for me in more than one way. One area has been in my ideology of expectations.

To sacrifice and compromise – there lies the secret to pragmatic expectations. To give 100% and get nothing back (a quality only inherent in our parents). Sadly, a lesson we learn only when we ourselves have children. But, to understand and appreciate the problem with expectations is always the first step to solving it.

Here are some tips courtesy of me: of course, I do not have any professional qualifications so this is merely my personal opinion:

1. Do not judge an author by one book – to presume is to fail. Humans like to overgeneralize from their previous similar experiences. Its in order to simplify future encounters – familiarity over the unknown. Take every encounter as a new encounter – definitely its gonna be mirky waters ahead of you but it saves alot more disappointment

2. Tip of the Iceberg – Everyone/Everything is more than they seem. Humans are the most complexed organisms in existence. If you think you really know someone due to whatever reasons (friends for 10 years, life partners, siblings) – there is a high likelihood you are going to be proven wrong. Of course, be optimistic but remember that they too have their own life and interests and it may not always align with yours

3. Communication – pivotal to any relationship. Talk and be enlightened – to set your own standards would be futile without understanding what the standards out there are in comparison to ours.

4. Trust – This ties in with communication. Any relationship is built on trust – However, to be complacent and play the trust card as a rationalizing factor in decision making would be stepping into treacherous water. Trust is a mutual aspect and rarely do both parties have the same level of trust. Our insecurities define our ability to trust another (Insecurities are personality traits and differ from individual to individual). If you do not where the other party stand on this aspect of trust you might be just setting up yourself for a bad fall. Most hearts are broken because one party was expecting too much (presuming) and the other party just wasn’t on the same page.

What have I done to deserve this ?


Sometimes, I wonder what have I done to deserve this ? Maybe, its God way of paying back for everything I had to go through growing up. Maybe, my Guardian Angel who had being slacking the last 22 years decided to finally pay attention. Maybe, its just plain Karma – but why now and why like this…..

All I know that, I am speechless and feel like I am on top of the world. And the saying is true “one moment of happiness can wipe out an eternity of sadness”. Its just that you have to find that one moment of happiness. And today, I did 🙂

Besides that Italy was just freaking amazingly and these are some of my favorite moments:

ColosseoFlorence DomeVenice-RalitabridgeVatican Sqaure