6 Improved Skills from Europe


  1. Improved Cooking Skills. Even though I have lived by myself for over 4 years in Singapore I never had a reason to cook. Either it was eating out (usually cheaper) or cooking with a few of my friends (they would cook while I ‘supervise’). After much practice the Spaghetti with Pesto and Tomato-Mozzarella Salad or Hungarian Pizza are now common items in my cooking armory.
  2. Consumption of Alcohol – Achieving better tolerance of alcohol was not an easy task. Given, that alcohol was an unfamiliar ground till 21 years old I had a heavy task in front of me every night I went out drinking here. After, 3 months now getting drunk requires a minimum of 2.5 Litres of beer, 2 Tequilas/Palinka and some Salmiakki.
  3. Fashion – Something most guys don’t give a shit about. But try hanging out with Europeans specially Italian and you get the feeling your wardrobe was from a 70s garage sale. Thanks to a few tips and hints, my sense of fashion was improved from being non-existent to barely minimum.
  4. Bar/Club skills – From entering into ‘high-end’ clubs, getting drinks from a crowded bar, chatting up random girls, new dance move etc. Maybe, all that money spend in bars/clubs wasn’t really a waste.
  5. General understanding of Household Appliances – using a washing machine, Dishwasher, wireless router, stove & oven (the list goes one). At least, after I do move out after college in Singapore I wont set my own apartment on fire.
  6. Ice Skating and General understanding of Snow – First time contact with snow was concurrent with my first ice skating experience. Both didn’t go as well as I expected but the next time falling every few seconds (when someone lets go) wouldn’t be in the cards.

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