What awaits in Singapore


So, after this looong holiday I am finally going back to Singapore. These are a few things I am looking forward to;

1. Meeting two of my ‘close’ friends. Honestly, I have missed those long conversations I use to have either in the Arts Canteen or at the Hostel. Sadly, Intellectual discussions over a cup of coffee are not really an european thing and I have missed it so much.

2. Working at Burger King. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t even say this but making a 290g Whopper within 45 secs and random rattles with Eddie always make my day.

3. Cutting down on the drinking & stop smoking. As long as I stay in a europe I am only gonna set myself up for some painful terminal cancer. I am so looking forward to going back and enjoying some Green Tea and alcohol consumption is only twice or thrice a year.

4. The gym. Sadly, I have exercised as much as I have studied. It would be nice to hit the gym and enjoy that kaya toast set afterwards.

5. School & Constant Mugging & Stress – For almost 99%, this a bad thing to look forward to but I fall into that 1%. I can’t wait to get up at 8am to ran to the library to get the ‘V’ seat, read the zillion recommended readings, make professional muggers and have heated arguments with other law students in the library staircase.

6. Pupillage application. I have waited this for 2 years and finally it is here. And, if all goes well I would one step closer.

7. Chili Crabs at Newton, Tom Yam at Lau Pa Sat, Chicken Rice  at Raffles Place and Sugar cane at Bukit Timah Market. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.

Of course, if there is one thing I would miss about Budapest – the people. But, that’s a whole different post in itself.

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