Songs from the Past


I was only 18 then, just finished my A/S Levels and getting ready for my A/Ls when it happened. It was an amazingly strange while exciting feeling.

It made a bookworm day dream in class, skip econs class for perfect duty, bribe the head perfect to change duty roaster etc… It was by far the ‘best’ years of my teenage life which made me wonder if life would ever get any better than that. It made this naive 18 year old do whatever it took to hold on those moments in the fear of losing the best thing that had ever happened to him….

Looking back, it was definitely great and still brings out a random smile thinking about it.

However, this post is not about everything that has passed but more about history repeating itself. Lately, I have found myself listening to a few songs from that not-so-distance past. Doing random things, which I have not done in what seems like forever….. even humming and smiling to myself…

For years, I clung onto something in the fear that I couldn’t find no other like it…. Now, so many years down I have found it when and where I least expected….

For you 🙂

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