For the Third


I have always believed that in my life all you need is 3 good friends. Of course, I have no real reason why its 3 but so far its worked perfectly fine. Well, for 23 years I have had only 2 (had 3 but I did the ultimate mistake of dating a good friend).

The third was anything but what I would have contemplated to fit into this group. Yet, honestly over the last few months we have become closer than brothers. I have shared more things with him and gone through even more shit than I have with anyone else before (ofc excluding the other 2). If there is a moment to ever violate Article 77, last night was it. I have said farewell to so many people over the years and nothing has ever been this hard. Sometimes, I wonder how did I ever get so close to a total stranger over the last few months. And then I remember:

  • You literally carried me back on your shoulders so many nights when even you were too drunk to stand
  • Listen (tolerated) to all the bullshit both emotional (specially when i get drunk) and intellectual.
  • Enlighten me by example how to drink, dance and sing. Oh and cook too
  • Jumped in whenever the situation required it. Whether its to just stop me from passing out or not drinking enough
  • Best travel bud ever. From vienna to solvenia or just around hungary itself. The things we did and shit we saw- Good times
  • Just tolerate me: I know I can be really hard to live with. Yet, every single time you somehow managed.
  • Rescued me from the financial crisis. Paid for everything and never asked when or if you can get that money back.
  • Quite simply, the selflessness and honesty you showed awed me to the core.

I can go on all day with this list but really what I wanted to say was:

Hyvästit Ystäväni

I will truly miss you

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