Monthly Archives: June 2009

One wish


If there is one thing I wish I had right now (or a few months ago) was a lot of parental funding. Of course, I am quite proud that I have come this far without even spending a cent of my parents money. I am proud of that kind of effort and strength. Yet, when I sit back and look at all the traveling my friends on Erasmus and NUS are doing for a moment I do feel quite sad.

That is not to say I didn’t do my share of traveling. Of course, I loved every country (the limited few) I visited and everything I saw and did. But, I only managed to see say 12-15% of Europe at most. France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels and Leuven), Switzerland, Germany, Amsterdam, Poland… These were all in my list of must-visit countries while in Europe. Sadly, I had to take a raincheck on every single one of them due to of course financial constraints.

Oh well, lets hope that I would be able to visit them someday but for now all I can do is check out all the beautiful pictures my friends uploaded on facebook.