A Law/King Person


Sadly, we all live in a world where people are constantly judged by their appearance. Racism, beauty contests, tuxedors…. All creations by man to satisfy his/her inherent desire for material attractions. For me, my whole life I have tried to avert this and when possible confront it when it happens to me.

Surprisingly, working at Burger King and being a NUS law student are just incompatible. Every single day, I encounter an individual who looks at me (standing at the counter) and thinks to himself/herself:

“Look at him, what kind of sad life he lives, having to stand all day serving demanding and perverse customers. Always saying “Yes, Sir/madame”, doing whatever is asked… And for what “for peanuts of a salary with no career advancement or even job satisfaction”.

And then I recall when I was interning at one of the law firm. I use to see people looking at me and thinking:

“OMG, few years down… A lawyer, earning a salary 3 times more than 70% of graduating students. The fame, fortune and stability only most people can dream of and at the same time actually help people solve their own life problems.”

These two stains of thought arising from looking at the same person(me) in two different circumstances. And, this line of thought would inherently make that person treat me in a certain way even before he/she gets to know me.

Yet, every single day I try my best to live both these kinds of lifestyle and not let the mere ignorance of people get me down 🙂

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