RVR 203


Well its been 18 months…. A very long period for most of us. Over 14 people have at any given period of time spend at least two weeks in this room. We have gone through so much together. A few include:

Random knocks on the door by the security resulting in people hiding under the bed, inside the closet or just standing really still in the dark to prevent from getting caught.

Developing a secret knock, secret key location and other secret codes to allow access to over 4 people to the room at any given time of the day.

Optimal space and route allocations – from fixed sleeping cycles to optimal sleeping layouts allowing a maximum of 5 people to sleep in 203.

Great room parties – great movie screening and even greater conversations (drunk).

Going from 5 functional laptops to one functional laptop over the span of 12 months courtesy of unknown individuals who decide to drop water, step on or throw them.

Tonight, might be our official last night together in 203. It has been nothing short of great (greatly uncomfortable) and the new place in Bukit Timah is just not gonna be the same. Oh, well life has to go on and only thing that remains constant is the memories from 203.


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