Offbrown Hierarchy of Toilet Needs


Ever so often we visit a place of solitude, a place where the soft music and emptiness is a welcoming gift never taken for granted. Most men dream of this, a place where smiles and small talk is not a social expectation much less a norm.

A place where for most, its not about if they ever visit it but when and for how long. Welcome to the Washroom or popularly known as toilet or Loo.

Toilet is such an under-appreciated place and not many really know the true value it holds in our lives. On further understanding we can truly comprehend the different levels of satisfaction it brings us.

For you: What is a ideal Loo Experience ?

Ofc, we would all jump to a consensus on certain things:

1. A clean toilet seat

2. Toilet paper

3. Flushable Toilet

Then, there are the more borderline necessities:

4. Soap

5. Running Water

6. Location to hang or keep your items e.g. Shelf or Door Clip

But, what makes a Loo experience great, an experience that draws a smirk whenever those memories ran through your head. Honestly, I think there are certain fringes that do just that:

7. Soft music: Not too loud to distract your sense of thought but loud enough to overpower that shameful/awkward bodily gas emissions.

8. A mild air fresher providing a fresh arousing sense of comfort and ease.

9. Hand paper complimentary with a hand dryer

But what factor makes you visit that washroom again: makes you realize the full value it serves in your life:

10. A small yet expressive plant or painting. A object that makes you ponder about life and all it brings with it. A thought provoking and philosophical symbol – of course it does not necessary be a plant or painting but anything that serves the purpose mentioned just above. The end result is that every single time you visit that particular Loo, you discover a little about yourself.

Basically, this Hierarchy of Toilet Needs are summarized below by the aid of a diagram:


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