We re all guilty as charged



If there is one thing that law school has thought me is the subjective nature of human perception. Innumerable times have I encountered witness testimonies all seeing the same incident yet everyone perceives it based on one’s own value system. For a conservative value based person, a stabbing is act against god himself – most hideous. Whereas, for a more liberal person, a stabbing is at most an act of circumstance, driven by rage, emotion or enmity.

(Un)fortunately, human are by definition a value-based species, each of us conceptualizing life via our own parameters. Parameters embedded by a parental or religious institutions craved out by  our social environments.

So, what am I getting at ? What purpose does all this philosophical discussion hold.

Well, its just our bias(subjective) view of life that drives us. Sadly, I too have been guilty as charged. On countless occasions, I have sat on my high seat passing judgment. Deepening this criminality with an aggravating felony – “an open book attitude towards life”.

What’s worst than passing judgment on others ? To do so loudly and blatantly in total disregard for human sentiment. I would be the first to let a stranger, a close friend or even my relatives/parents know, be it my facial expression/body language or telling it to you in your face when their behavior reaches tipping point of intolerability.

Of course, I do not have more tolerable ‘flaws’ but certain areas do agitate me more that others; Specifically, intellect (more like the lack of it), ignorance (bubble frogs living in their enclosed wells) and “social pride and status” freaks (money and people’s perception is a Royal Flush in a poker game).

Well, that just me – no matter how undesirable my actions may be and how 4 years in Law School has thought me to the contrary, I still do it. Why ? Maybe, I want to see better in people – See change for the better – “better” of course, defined and crafted by my value systems.

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