Is Water Really Racists ?



Truth will rise above falsehood as oil above water

Sitting in sixth grade during the ever so boring science class trying desperately to grasp the intricate and eluding terminology of an area of study that I never found any fanaticism – my mind wandered;

Snapping up haphazard words; Gerinoil(oil), H2O (water), hydrogen bonds…. I did what I do best – relate everything around me to social behavior.

After, the 1960s racial riots, Singapore Government did their best to prevent from another similar situation arise. Without heading down the melting pot concept like in the United States, it decided on a different approach. Of course, I am not intending to blog about the actual policy itself but rather on how the government over the last 44 years have relentless tried to “mix oil with water”.

Chinese are a very interesting race. Not being a chinese myself, I think I am at fault to begin to generalize on their behavioral characteristics. But, as the famous HLA Hart once said that the best way to understand a social group is to from a third persons’ perspective. So, having lived among them for a considerable time, dated one, worked with them etc, I believe that I proficient enough to infer some conclusions

One of the closest knit races I am aware, they are one of most difficult to get to know on a personal level. Partly due to our lack of understanding of their long rich traditions and partly due to their personality traits. So, an attempt to just rigorously pour oil (non-chinese) into container of water (chinese) is just futile. Merely, an attempt done without the comprehension of  their chemical compositions.

Note: Chinese referred to as Water (H20) and Non-Chinese referred to as Oil.

Honestly, I believe that this is a race that can literally never mix. Along with my extensive travel experience I have seen this race reside and thrive in the most harsh terrains. Whether you see them in London, Hong Kong, Oslo, New York or ‘accidentally’ ran into them in Tampere, Bucharest, Belaya Kalitva, you would see them in tight-knit groups. And rarely does the fact that they are first/second generation nationals or just merely immigrants change their social network. So, as strongly as Hydrogen sticks to Oxygen to make water so does this race.

So what happens when we try to mix something else into this. Initially, there is an observable mingle but as time goes on the RCOO-CH2CH(-OOCR’)CH2-OOCR” compound is pushed away from the H20 part as the former compound surfaces providing an illusionary perspective for an on-looker of a plausible mix. Only by close scrutiny can one really see what is at work and follow the real social networks.

So, please Oil don’t bawl and vexed about this. This is the nature of water, an inherent quality that even water sometimes can’t explain why. So, you really wanna call this racism its more subliminal rather than willful.

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