Better than THIS



To appreciate that people are trying their best is merely comforting one’s own perception of our own accomplishments. E.g. “I am doing life sciences because I tried my best and could not get into medicine”. For those, people I tell you – well thats because you didn’t try hard enough, you were not strong/ persistent enough to overcome all the obstacles life threw at you to grab hold of what you really wanted in life.

C’mon by now we all must realize that life is not fair. We are all but born equal. Some are born to great parents while others are born with exceptional intellect whilst some are given the best of both worlds. Everyday, we meet someone who is richer, smarter or more successful than we are.

Maybe, our abilities are beyond our control but what to do with them now thats where real potential lies. The choices we make define us and shape us into individuals that even the most unsurpassable obstacles seem manageable.

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