ReWrite THOSE 5 Years



Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

When it comes down to it, we spend our lives planning. Whether we do this consciously or unconsciously, it doesn’t matter. The moment we set the alarm at 8.30am to only wake up at 8.31am just to follow the usual routine plan…. what are we really doing ? Feeding to our species constant obsession of “order”. A routine is merely our futile attempt to add clarity to our actions and strive for meaning and purpose in our lives. Of course, I too have blindfully strolled into this ditch.

So, yesterday trying to fall asleep my mind pondered on what my  BATNA would have been (i.e. what I would have done differently)

1. Floating Swap

Lawfirm “<My Name>, how come you don’t have any extra-co-curricular activities?

Me: “My second degree is my extra co-curricular activity”

As nerdy as that sound, its true. I have sacrificed so much to just afloat in my programme.

I would go back to Year 1, decide that Law is my cup of tea and request for a transfer from business. Thus, providing more time for “everything else”.

2. More unknown terrain

I was born to play safe. I never tried things that I “could” have been good at. I gave up my running, cricket, chess, drawing etc only pursue what society thought was a good option. Maybe, being average at everything provides a rounded life experience than just being the best at one thing…

3. Burn the Devil himself

8 years – it was like a really bad relationship that you just cant walk away for reasons even my innermost reasoning cannot justify. My DOTA obsession has been nothing but short of drug-addict’s everyday survival to stay clean. I would have gone to the Apple store in 20th December 2005 and purchased a wireless mouse rather than the Warcraft Treasure Chest.

4. Actually tried

Its not to come out all cocky but if I had given at least a minimum effort when it came to woeing the opposite gender, I would have gone through as many “relationships” as the modules I have read so far.

I can still recall, the endless occasion I would not even attempt eye contact (much less pursue any other body language signals) because my mind was busy processing the conceptual difference between positivism and legal Realism.

5. Personal Health

Spending 30 minutes on 3 meals a day was luxury and not a necessity. Working out or just a mere run always seemed illusive. I gave 100% and never thought twice of the sacrifices I have to make to get things done right. I would make a conscious effort to eat at least 3 times a day and work out twice a week even if it meant not being able to read an extra textbook.

If only all decisions can be made in retrospect – wouldn’t life just be that much easier 🙂

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