Szántódpuszta: The Great MisAdventure



“Let’s just get down across the lake and take the Ferry”

You and I, we always manage to undertake the most crazy endeavors. And at that time, we had no idea that this single statement was gonna lead us to place that we would never forget.

Getting off the station, we knew…. Knew that this town was not like the other few towns around Lake Balaton. This was different, not in a good or bad way but rather in a unique /novel way. I can remember getting off the train to look around for other backpackers trying to observe their surroundings. There was no1, not a single soul had gotten off this station. Maybe, it was just that time of the day… the train we were on was never thronged with people to begin with.

Reasoning to ourselves that this was the right decision, we continued our journey towards the Station office to buy our return tickets to Budapest after returning from Tihany. Only to discover that the station consisted of one employee who of course didn’t speak English.


That’s what we got after talking to him for more than 20 minutes.

Having left the station, we headed towards the Lake past, what we hoped would be the town of Szántódpuszta …. 30 seconds from the Station, we saw a tiny coffee shop and decided to grab a snack. As we entered, a gent in his late 30s welcomed us with a half-ass smile. Ofc, it took T only a few seconds to realize that this was actually the Station master. But then again, its not like we were ever able to distinct between most Hungarian men. Giving the benefit of the doubt, we continued towards the town. The “embracing” town composed of two building, city hall (presumably) and a school. The City hall had a quotation vividly inscribed “The hülye egyik sem megbocsát sem elfelejt ; a naiv megbocsát és elfelejt ; a bölcs megbocsát de nem elfelejt” (“The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget“). As T was browsing through his pockets, he noticed that the name of coffee shop matched the name under the quote. Coincidentally, this matched the name of the school as well.

Could it be that there is one person running/living this town. Even before this thought could slip out of my mind, the City hall door opened only to give way to our station master/coffee owner/teacher/major/god knows what. In a state of panic, both of us just ran!

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