Miss Singapore 2009 – Epic Fail



Honestly, I don’t think this woman even desire this much attention (irrespective of whether its good nor bad) but this is too good of an opportunity to miss out on.

OK, I am just confused on how a Country that lives and breaths on academic excellence and elitism can produce a woman (girl because honestly she doesn’t really have the maturity to be called a woman) this freaking retarded.

Of course, acknowledge that when it comes to beauty contestants the only intellectual brilliance that one would tumble upon is “World peace”. Only upon close scrutiny would you actually discover that they only “want” world peace and dn’t really have any concentrate plans of achieving it. Well, then I guess it is advisable to approach this topic with an open mind and never to underestimate the stupidity of these contestants.

Her epic fails at her interview were;

1. “I am majoring in…..(pause + roll eyes) diploma in healthscience AND HOSPRITARITY….”

2. When asked if she’s a fashionista….she says “Yes I am” with that stupid snobbish attitude!

3. “My style is my own Presonalirty (OMG I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL WHAT SHE’S SAYING)”

4. “You know….something Booms! (With action), something that shouts ‘ME’ (and she really shouted the word ‘me’)”

5. Ok, english might not be her first language. But her interview not only shows her lousy english, but also her self-centredness. “It’s about me, the….is about me, so yar….everything is about how I see myself” (For God’s sake, yes we know it’s about you….stop repeating it and go on!!)

Well, firstly since when is it that all beauty contestants do “health science and tourism” diplomas and degrees ????? Did I miss an announcement that required cooking, house keeping, front office are pre-requisites to being a great beauty contestant? Seriously, where are all the attractive law and medicine students? At least with them you don’t have to worry about a limited vocabulary/dull-witted manner/criminal offense for that matter (will get to this later).

When I heard about this ordeal, I tried to google her profile. Obviously, I wasn’t expecting a scholastic personality but c’mon at least she must be hot right ???

NO!!!!! I have seen PRC maids that look better than her. Ok fine, maybe that going over the edge but seriously she looks really freaking bad (objectively: gets like a 3.2 on “the scale”). The main problem (which the judges missed out) is that the deficiency of most Singaporean women (facial features) are not adequately satisfied by her. I may not be an expert on women but seriously; hair = -1, nose = -3, teeth = -10, ears= -2 (I can go on and on: face gets an overall -4). I know it might be superficial and materialist to judge a women on a numerical scale BUT HELLO thats what Miss World competitions do!

So, basically this is where she stands in my book:

1. Stupid: She like a blond (not as pretty by far) but at least have a decent command of the language  because with a (i) pretty face if you (ii ) smile and (iii) talk eloquently enough people believe you. Sadly, she fails epicly in all three departments.

2. Bad looking: If you are pretty enough guys actually can oversee that you are bimbotic: but serious when you lack both then how? (If you do find her attractive please reevaluate your taste in women: remember dn’t lower your taste in women just to make yourself more eligible)

3. Criminal: Yes; she only got probation but that is not because of her but rather the treatment of the law and its objectives in criminal sentencing. Only reason, she didn’t get a prison sentence and/or canned because she is less than 21 and female; note 5 convicted charges and 60 other charges considered.

End of the day, she asked to be put in the spotlight and public scrutiny. What I believe is that if you dn’t got what it takes to begin with it doesn’t matter how hard you try your mistakes and shortcomings are bound to crop up. Maybe, if she actually had the personality she could get through this nightmare reputation intact and still keep the crown (wait and see: my money is on “no”)

Why is that Singapore just can’t get it right with these contestants. Last year it was Rachael Kum’s racy pics and now this girl.

I would like to end this post with some of my favorite comments courtesy of some internet bloggers:

“her chances ‘had literally gone ‘boomz” (making reference to Ms Low’s bizarre description of her sense of style)

….she was not ‘Low Ris’ but ‘every bit high risk’ for fraud

….she should have used the credit cards to pay for English classes instead.

‘She is lucky that she did not have to wear ‘zipbra preens’ for a few months behind bars

She looks like those geylang prostitutes that you negiotate to have sex with cos you dn’t wanna pay full price of someone who looks like that.

But then again, you have to wonder that every single “public figure” faces scandals these days; would you prefer it to be a credit card fraud or a sex tape, maybe that the question we should ask ourselves 🙂

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