Misplaced Faith


HandsHoldingFeetFor a 7 year old, his dad is like everything his bedtime stories depict; 10 Foot Super Hero capable of defeating every bad guy in this universe and looking irreproachable doing so.

For some, this imaginary vision is short lived while for others it is only illusive. The last week gave me an opportunity to reflect on that part of my life, which had gone pass so briskly.

Growing up, we expect so much; whether these expectations are inherent /ingrained in us or acquired through our environment eludes me. But what I do know is that these expectations do arise and with no regrets we impose them on everyone around us.

With my comprehension of Keynesian Economics and String Theory at the age of 8; I realized the fallacy of these expectations. To understand that these expectations are never unilateral but rather reciprocal.

“Never expect what thou cannot bestow onto others”

At this juncture, we have to decide “selfishness” or “selflessness”. Choosing the former allows us to live our own lives without having any expectations on others (hence no obligations towards others). Choosing the latter demands sacrifice when netted may be more detrimental to you than good (good for you:the benefits received from our expectations been satisfied).

(un)fortunately, I chose the former; seeking selfishness and self-interest so that I wouldn’t be the seven year old boy who every single night sits on the doorstep mulling over why his 10 Foot Super Hero never comes home.

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