My Princess in “Cashmere and Red Heels”



How many times have we (guys) heard this “Where is my Knight in Shining Armor ?” For which, we have to relentlessly reassure them (women) that he is somewhere out there and you just to have stick in there just a little bit longer.

This got me thinking; How come guys never ask the same thing? Why don’t we fuss about true love and envision that moment in our minds over and over again.

Why dn’t we ask, “Where is my Princess in “Cashmere and Red Heels?”

After much thought, I developed a theory; “A knight in shining amour” stands for everything that can be expected from a man.

“A Knight”; Physically quite attractive – Nothing like hand-to-hand combat and riding horses to make gyming seem unavailing. Every single Knight from the Medieval times (the sample drawn from all the Medieval Hollywood movies) are just incredibly powerful and well-built (in a totally non-gay way)

“In Shining Armor”; This is meant to represent the personality of a Knight. The shining armor portraits purity and truth. With reference to “The Knight’s Oath“; we can see that “love and compassion”, “Preserve the truth”, “protect greater love willing to give up one’s own life for that of others”. To sum up, this what women like to call chivalry.

Hence, a Knight is theoretically the “perfect man”. But for men there is no such ideal or perfection in the opposite gender. A princess may be pretty and eloquent but does not necessary mean she would have a “good” personality. A kind and compassionate personality would not necessary bring about a perfect physical appearance. This may well be why Men generally prefer 80-20 compared to 30-70 (looks-personality). Because for us, there has never been a benchmark.

It may be vain but honestly, men too want to be swept off their feet. Maybe, its just the fact that it never (rarely) happens that over the years we have given up on this fancy and slowly compromised to prefer to what we can see and touch rather than on what she could offer. Just maybe over the centuries, we have just lost faith!

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