High Expectations: Age of Gastrosexuals



This post is going to attract alot of heat (specially from my female friends) but this has been in my mind for some time and it HAS to come out!!

Ladies, how did we get here? Since when does a guy have to cook to impress his significant other. Of course, I am not leaping to the conclusion of that men should not be able to cook rather does the fact that a man can cook help in the grant scale of things ?

Firstly, for the people who have no idea what a Gastrosexual; he is someone who uses his cooking skills to impress friends and potential partners. These men consider it a “hobby” to cook and impress women. Apparently, more than 40% of women think its totally fine that their partner than cook. And it even goes on the say that more than a third think that men were better at cooking anyways.

There is some modest truth in that statement. Most of the worldest greatest Chefs are men but over the centuries we have never really focus on this even given our inherent proficiency. Why?

Remember, Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations; his theory of specialization. We human perform better and more effectively when we adopt and focus on what we are good at. Of course, I am not saying that women are better at house chores and raising children and men are good at working and earning money.

Quite contrary; women maybe just as good – I think that women can replace men’s role as bread winners but men can’t really replace the woman’s role in the household.

But, rather think of the comparative advantage theory; where women are just good at both than men but men choose what they are least worst at; this was working and earning money.

Therefore, nowadays women have overlooked this reason. Hence, Men are  expected to do everything under the sun. We are expected to put food on the table, look after financial stability of the family and now cook.

Men never expect women to work (unless they want to); on the flip side women only want men with financial stability; unemployment and poverty just dn’t make the cut.

Female friends have told me that they find men who can cook attractive because it shows that the man is dedicated, meticulous and caring. Seriously ? Can we judge men are these qualities in other circumstances as well ? Does it have to be when he is with an apron in the kitchen? Maybe, I cant cook to save life but at least the fact that I work 12 hour 6 day workdays so I can pay for everything she wants (still save enough for the children’s education) should help illustrate some of those traits right ?

For some heavenly reason, men were not made for cooking and house chores. Well, we can do it; just not good enough. I can think of a million and one reasons to impress  a women and show my dedication and love;

Does it matter whether I drive 30 mints to buy the best breakfast in Singapore or make it in the kitchen the best way I can? End of the day; should it matter? as long as you wake up to breakfast to bed

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