The Weight on your Shoulders



Drop the idea that you are Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders. The world would go on even without you. Don’t take yourself so seriously.
Norman Vincent Peal

You come across these quotes whenever you are feeling down and you need those few words from a friend, partner, family member or just google to cheer you up. To listen/read it and try to appreciate its true meaning its hard when every single time only criticism and preemptive thoughts reel in your mind.

There are so much things going on in my life right now that its just too hard to focus on one thing; to fully appreciate the troubles and worries this one thing brings much less all of them combined.

We take so many things for granted; the six hours of peaceful sleep, the goodbye kiss from your loved ones before heading off on your daily pursuits, that apology or thank you worth the words yet left unsaid, that hazy smile or laughter for conversations only forgotten with time.

We leave them in that dusty corner gazing at them when time permits but never really utilizing its true value.

Then, trouble blossoms; compounding and compounding till you do feel that heaviness and constant weary, which really no amount of sleep or smile/laughter can cure. It seems like there is no answer; no solution that would once have worked but just seem futile now.

Why this; Why now? Its been a struggle so far no doubt. To come here and accomplish this, I am anything but overwhelmed. But, now I must decide if I would give this all up for a greater “good”. To go home and be there when what awaits is nothing that no textbook or religious scripture can teach you to handle.

Creation of life/Death have a unique effect on humans. It astonishes and petrifies us at the same time. I guess what matter is not that when the time comes if you are ready to let go but rather if you ready to carry it “home”.

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