Dn’t like “Us” for Sex; Dn’t like “Us” for Money



You know you are working too hard when it’s sunday evening and you are having your breakfast/lunch/dinner at Mr. Prata shop just down from law School. But at least, every single time I get to meet a new “friend” courtesy of Deep. This week, it was O and the first thing she told me was “Why are men ALWAYS looking out for sex?”

Of course, this did catch me off guard, it is rarely a first impression conversion topic but as I found out later O is just that kind of girl (straight forward type)

Anyways, this one liner got me thinking;

Do men ONLY care about sex ALL the time? Is that why men talk to women whether over dinner or at a club/pub ? The simple answer is; “Yes”. Sadly, if you are a physically attractive women then the only reason men would talk to you is in that expectation of having sex with you. Harsh and Gross ? Yes, but thats just the truth for you.

It’s similar to the fact that women (above age 21) are attracted to guys who are rich. A recent survey showed that 73.9% of those with annual incomes of less than $20,000 had no partners, whilst only 33.3% of men with incomes of from $90-120,000 lacked partners. This maybe for a specific country but the writer draws an analogy to all developed nations with gender equality.

So, do women ONLY  get attracted to rich guys ALL the time? Is there higher probability for a guy who buy bottle a champagne for a women in bar before talking her up compared to a poor guy who uses a lame pick up line?

I do not have statistics for the success rate of men who pick women purely for sex (but assume the rate must be low). Similar to this presumption, only 2% of men met the threshold of what 50% of women expect in terms of annual income earned by their partner (this might necessary mean than most women fail or low rate at meeting rich guys). Yet, over the last 5 years percentage has only increased (35% to 52%) even when women that realize that such expectations are unrealistic.

Both requirements (sex or money) are pursuits of happiness humans have chased behind since the time of Adam and Eve. Its just that as time passed, each gender took a particular liking to one over the other.

Girls, take my humble advice, if you do not want guys to talk to you only because they want sex, stop with the games; short skirts/tube tops/high heels?

What I recall is one of Dave Chappelle’s famous jokes;

“you(man) will be hanging out at a pub/club with your boys and then a women walks by and she is gooood. Not good in that classical way…… good I mean that she got half her ass hanging of her skirt, her t&*^ smashed together popping out of her barely existent top…. and of course, the guy talks to her and she immediately responds saying, ‘wait a minute… wait a minute…. just because I am dressed this way does not make me a whore’.

Which is true…. just because they dressed a certain way does not mean they are a certain way… dn’t ever forget that but ladies you must understrand that it is freaking confusing… it is like someone dressing up in cop uniform and then when a citizen comes asking for help and you say “Just because I am dressed this way does not make me a police officer”.

Remember that there is fundamental difference in the way men and women see things. Our test in life are different; test means things we most desire. woman’s test are material and a man’s test is a women. For example: Men can buy cars not because they like cars but because women like nice cars.  I guess both genders are just stuck in this vicious circle with no way out. So please, try not to unload all the blame on us(men).


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