How long its been



Less than 6 years ago, I was mugging crazy crazy for my A-Levels. With no resources for extra tuition and no assistance from my school’s academic staff, all seem lost at one point.

I did what I do best, “Do everything possible”. Every single question on the back of every single textbook, exam papers, mock papers, specimen papers etc. I made my own notes using pen and paper, which was a long and tedious process. With no highlighter or fancy stationary, I wrote notes in different pencil colors on low grade paper. I remember, just like it was yesterday. It was 3am and I would be splitting my hair trying balance an accounting sum when my grandma wakes up (several times) and would come  and sit next to me and talk to me about everything under the sun. We always did this with a nice hot cup of milk tea with our dog glaring at our conversation as if she understood every single word. It was always rewarding to sit on our doorstep staring at the garden and little red gate and talk about all the great and wonderful years ahead. No matter how stressed I was that 30-45 mint break always refreshed me and gave that extra strength to pull an all-nighter.

6 years down the road, it is still 3am. All my flatmates are fast asleep while I desperately try to finish the presentation slides for tomorrow sipping on a cup of coffee I made myself. How things have changed……..

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