Old Crushes


Today, while desperately trying to study for the horrendous exams coming up next week, I came across an old crush.

Well, She was like the first person I think I really liked; of course, the concept of “like” defined and construed by the eyes of a 15 year old. It was pleasantly surprising to talk to her after almost 6 years. And for some reason, I was just intrigued about how her life has been for the last few years. I guess the most interesting part was;

Ex-C: Yeah, I am kinda married now

Me: Really?

Ex-C: Yes, to this guy I met in Church

Me: Oh that’s nice

Well, actually it may be not interesting to most unless you know the short history I had with her. That 4 hour conversation I had coming back from a trip revealed and shrouded so many things (A conversation that to this day has been one of the most nervous yet exciting conversations) Yet, we went our separate ways for reasons that do not matter now. Honestly, Sorry for being presumptuous but she did miss out. Of course, she would never ever know on what but sitting here after the long and dreary conversation about “your life” I can only feel sympathy for you. Cos through the lens of a 15 year old:  you were a nice girl who deserved the best and you shouldnt have settled for second best.

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