To Forgive


To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you

Philip Yancey

The act of forgiveness is by far the toughest yet the most profound actions we can make. It requires nerve, submission and a small chunk of our ever-protected ego. However, to live a truly blissful life, we must learn to forgive unconditionally.

Certainly we all have been subject to extreme hurt throughout our life journey. We have been taken advantage of,  ridiculed, and had our good hearts  put to the test, and because of this we often find it difficult to forgive.

We scrutinize our past experiences and gauge our future encounters. Judging those relationships with the same tainted yardstick. This not only leads to more resentment but adds more misery to ourselves. Over the years  I unfortunately  developed  a great deal of resentment towards many people I loved. I never expressed such emotions but rather let it build up inside of me trying desperately to route these emotions towards positive motivational responses. This has worked for me this far but now I must confront these emotions and stamp them with “forgiveness”. Worst part is that I know its not for me but rather because someone else yens for it.

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