House Husband


A year ago, life was different and holidays was most welcomed if not too anxiously. This time around its different. Different does not necessary mean in a bad way but rather in an unexpected way. Living 45 minutes from “civilization” i.e. my campus brings its benefits as well as  complications. And one of these complications, I have developed househusband syndrome.

Househusband syndrome

What is Househusband Syndrome?

  • The desire and intent to stay at home; traditionally this was a man married to an university graduate wife who had skills equal to superior to his. His roles were similar to what women had to endure before the feminist movement. However, there are two main differences; firstly this syndrome is developed by choice and secondly, it is not necessarily a long term decision (over 40% of diagnosed cases last for less than 10 years). The concept of “househusband” has morphed with the changing times and does not necessarily apply to opposite sex couples or even to married couples.


  • A desire to maintain a well developed physique as to remain incredibly physically attractive. 19 Inch Biceps and 6 pack seems to all that matter
  • Enjoy to cook leisurely; this skill is not used for seductive purposes but rather for purely self-satisfactory ends
  • Neighborhood Gossip or just Gossip as a notion captivates you and the first thing that you ask when meeting someone is “So what’s new?”
  • Wake up at 7am as if its natural given and cleaning after “certain” people becomes obligation rather than a courtesy.
  • Your life seems to rotate around certain TV Shows and schedules are meticulously designed around them.


  • So, After much thought I think I have caught this syndrome. After exams, all I seem to do is cook, clean and cook and the only real excitement is watching Tv shows and “accidentally” running into neighbors. Seriously, need a change in life style.

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  1. But, then, if you have kids and no job, househusbanding can be a necesssity rather than a lifestyle choice!

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