On Settling


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I always found it strange that, for most people, the sliding scale of acceptance always stop at the same two points.

Their careers and love lives.

You will probably at one point in your life think that she is too good for you to go after.  That this job sounds like it’s life sucking, but it’ll pay the bills.  That you can’t leave her because you’ve been together for so long.  And of course, leaving her now will just mean all those years spent together were a waste, so the logical thing to do is waste more years! (Please detect the hint of sarcasm there.)

When was the last time you walked into a barber shop and demanded the worst possible haircut you can get?

Have you ever eaten at a terrible restaurant and proceeded to go back there everyday to experience the same tasteless food?

Why are we so picky when it comes to the little things in life yet stop that sliding scale of acceptance at the most important issues?

We ask Starbucks employees to remake a drink three times because it tastes funny and the temperature is slightly off, but will allow ourselves to be overworked and underloved.

It’s time to move that sliding scale.

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