7 Things on My Mind


1. Cos you are by my side (Bewildered)

After much deduction, I have realized that when it comes to me; having a women who loves me by my side plays an immensely dangerous role in my life triumphs. I am pleasantly surprised how much my self-centered achievements is largely dependent on been open and making myself vulnerable to someone else.

2. Certain friendships are never meant to be (Confused)

Long distance relationships are hard; whether we are talking about love or just mere friendship. At least when it comes to love there is that yearning moment when each other met and passionately connect physically. With long distance friendships it is just different which makes maintaining one harder for some while easier for others. For me, its harder; maybe I expect too much or maybe I am just confused; But I do know its worth trying

3. New house yet not home (Disoriented)

We moved from Sixth Avenue to Choa Chu Khang. Well, CCK is only my temp home before I move to NUS accommodation. My stuff is everywhere; some packed others lost with all the moving. Plus, sleeping on the floor is never pleasant so counting the days before I can finally settle down.

4. Money vs. “A Calling” (Unsure)

The hardest thing is to never let money side track you from following your dream. A 10k salary for some MNC legal department maybe the price tag for your soul; saying “No” becomes harder and harder as you observe how much happiness a fat pay cheque brings. But, I will hold on to that speck of hope that life is bigger than a house, sports car and trophy wife.

5. Sadness begins when Happiness ends (Lost)

From 7 times a week to 1 once a month; religion has always been a strong foundational block in my upbringing. I was never indoctrinated but rather I learned and as my curiosity grew so did my faith. Now, I feel so distant so lost and hunger for that love that once grew inside. I just need to go home and find my way once again.

6. Looks triumph all in the card deck of life (Perplexed)

Girls Girls Girls; its hard I know but there is no such thing as “only personality matters”. Men first criteria for choosing a female partner is external beauty and internal beauty is just second prize; runners up. Think of it as a “beauty contest”; external beauty is like the national or local beauty pageant where only the winners can enter the worldwide beauty pageant where only at this stage internal beauty provides the winning edge.

7. Guardian Angel or Luck (Unclear)

Sometimes I wonder why I am this fortunate when it comes certain aspects of life (which to me) really matters. Things could have gone horribly wrong and I could have be in Sri Lankan married to my high school sweet heart working at a local bank calling centre earning just enough to feed my wife and two children. But; things took drastic twists and turns which has brought me here and honestly sitting down on this mattress on the floor listening to “that playlist” I wouldnt have life any other way. Maybe, there is “someone” looking after me or maybe I am just plain lucky. But, I do know one thing; I am grateful for everything life has thrown at me for the last 23 years

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