The nuggets of life


About 2 years ago, I had lost faith in a profession I once idealized. Then, I met him; a man who had practiced for over 30 years in a pursuit of goodness unlike his fellow counterparts that chased an envious title “Senior Counsel”. Those short 2 weeks gave me a new perspective on life and these quotes or “nuggets of life” would stick around for much longer.

Don’t be too nervous of being nervous

Golaith v the David

Someone got to be the fool.. I dn’t mind being that fool…. The world needs idealist fools….

Animals and plants need spokespeople….

Buy me lunch and i can discuss with you

Crime does not pay for lawyers

Conscious to help people…

What an important role you play in society…

Let the judge judge … your role is to defend….

I am not a practiable person

Wisdom sets in…

Finally my favorite;

I wish all the best not much in law but in life….

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