AN Ellusive Choice


Some choose while others the choices are made

To be labeled at such a young age, named and foretold that this man; this man alone would achieve greatness. To carry that burden together with the responsibilities that no 11 year old should shoulder seemed an infuriating task for some. But for him, saying “no” was never an option, that was the answer chosen by his predecessors and mulling over their lives only made “yes” more attractive for him.

We can never side step junctures of our life; junctures where choices must be made. To miss or ignore them is merely an futile attempt to act immature when really we are just afraid. Sadly, he was never given that option; to chose! choice can be a blunt instrument when what lies on either road is clear. Uncertainty and anticipation of ones choices are what makes them worthwhile; to ponder and deduce and later criticize on hindsight of what could have been. For these provide the foundations of character building and inner strength.

Yet, he was deprived left with choices that is merely a test of ones logic and rational rather than preference or ambition. This hardens you; encourages a cold approach to decision making; vacant of emotions and compassion. Since, failure is not an option; for growing up he was surround by it;repulsed by it’s stigma. Knowing that your safety net consisted of that very thing you ran away from. To lie there and feel a level of comfort and dependability was unimaginable.

So, he ran as fast and as far away as he can; towards a destination that really didn’t matter. For that was not his intent; he didn’t care for choices were made always looking back and never forward. Its been 14 years since then and that void filled with anger and prejudice has slowly and quietly been replaced by faith and optimism. Now, he smiles to himself thinking of “those” rough times and how things will be different when its his turn. Yet, he knows he was lucky but honestly luck should never be left to decide on matters such as these.

We are never born equal but the choices we make can help us or others achieve that equality which end of the day every human deserves; to fight in a playing field devoid of unfairness or prejudice. He may have never gotten that chance but his choices has allowed him to prevent those mistakes been repeated towards others.

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