The Deck of Life


The king of Diamonds, the Jack of Clubs, nine of Hearts, three of spades; these may be random cards from a deck but to some its not so simple.

Our whole lives we dream to be someone; some will settle to be doctors, lawyers or accountants while others reach to become singers, painters or writers. For what; for the happiness itself brings or as a means to an end? The answer doesn’t really matter as both ignores the bigger picture.

Personally, I need to know that every time I pick a card from the deck; that it is not random; the queen of heart, jack of spades, king of clubs are not just random cards pulled one after the other with no higher purpose. Each card though maybe pulled “randomly” are “chosen” looking at the bigger picture; an ultimate objective, which a few human lifetimes cannot achieve.

Hence, I may become a lawyer this life but that is not just to pay up my student loans, buy a mansion, sports car and attract a trophy wife but rather its my attempt to get a bit closer to that objective, which taking a micro-view of life most humans cannot see.

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