Life bigger than that


Education above all else

Offbrown 2005

Yes, since I can remember that was my motto. I believed that academic success or pursuing individual goals meant everything. Parents, girlfriends or even social networking can wait; they all DONT provide guaranteed success but a double degree from NUS DOES?  My personality was intertwined with academic success that I was just not perceptive to anything else; everything else came second and then you came along.

Surprisingly, you were everything I didn’t expect; we didn’t even speak the same language much less communicate on the same plane. I can remember my popular lingo and intellectual charm just never worked on you. My core competences were brushed aside and I had to use an unfamiliar set of skills. And to be frank that just wasn’t an arena I was ever good at.

While most insisted that I work hard and be the best I can be, you always implored that I relax and take it slow; “work will wait but life wont”; it made me realized that all my life I was about getting to that destination I dreamed of since I was 15 and never took a step back to enjoy the journey.

End of the day, honestly I always had the strength and determination to reach my goals and all I needed was someone to keep me human, make me live in the present and to remind me what I was missing.

Now, I am pushed to do something I knew would only be eventual. Most of them tell me that this is the best thing to do; for you. F&^K, Why am I this hopeless when it comes to women!

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