Irresistible Men and Women


For the unfamiliar: Above are George Clooney and Megan Fox; Apparently, George Clooney scores 0.98 out of 1  Megan Fox 0.86 out of 1 for Irresistibly.

A recent survey carried out by a UK based company had found that the top 20 things men and women find irresistible about each other.


1.         Smile

2.         Sense of humour

3.         Thoughtfulness

4.         Generosity

5.         Intelligence

6.         Affectionate

7.         The ability to laugh at themselves

8.         A cheeky, naughty side

9.         Loves family

10.        A toned body

11.        Attentiveness

12.        Holding eye contact a little too long

13.        Passionate

14.       Strong forearms

15.        Being good with kids

16.        Positive

17.        Look good in a suit

18.        Confidence

19.        Broad shoulders

20.        Stubble

A very demanding list no doubt; The crossed out ones were done by me as Strong forearms and toned body are quite similar and the ability to laugh at themselves similar means a guy with humility or a sense of humor (#2). As, you can see physical appearance only came in at #10 and after. We are not concerned about what makes someone attractive as irresistibly is something broader and “harder” to find, which maybe why women give more emphasis on personality and character rather than looks. For the male readers, I would like to recommend doing a self-evaluation; see what you are from the list and rate yourself; I was 0.68 out of 1. Fortunately, losing out on certain things which can always be improved or worked on.


1.         Great body

2.         Cleavage

3.         Sense of humour

4.         Great smile

5.         Find me funny

6.         Stockings and Suspenders

7.         A cute giggle

8.         Nice smell

9.         The ability to laugh at themselves

10.        Reliability

11.        Short skirts

12.        Knee high boots

13.        The Girl Next Door look

14.        Mischievous nature

15.        Long legs

16.        Optimistic

17.        Good listener

18.        Intellectual conversation

19.        Gazing eyes

20.        Good with money

Guys, Guys Guys; an irresistible women is:

A women with a hot body and long legs wearing a short skirt, stockings and knee high boots (Heel boots- my preference) who can smile and laugh at a guy’s jokes

Her intellect and ability to maintain a conversation or listen to you rank WAY WAY down at #18 and #17. Seriously, I get the feeling that a stereotypical guy’s irresistible  girl is a hooker or pretty much any women at a night club. Oh well, survey’s “dont” lie and well if this is an irresistible girl in most guys’ eyes I am surprised why the survey went on say that  “average see someone they quite fancy at least twice a day, but meeting someone irresistible is a rarer occurrence – just twice in their lifetime. But one in 10 claim to have NEVER met someone they couldn’t take their eyes off. I guess the survey participants don’t go to strip clubs that often 🙂

My humble opinion is that for a girl to be irresistible in my eyes; she must be able to maintain a decent enough conversation that it can make a guy forget for that few minutes or hours about her cleavage, hot body or short skirt with high heels. I like say:

If you cant understand the words of the movie just watch the pictures; it might not be the best experience but at least you can keep yourself entertained

For rating system: give each factor the “reverse” amount as stated on the list; for example: if you have a good body; its 20 not 1; cleavage 19 not 2; good with money 1 not 20 etc. and then divide the final score by 210.

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