Because I have to


I did think that entering this profession I would have to mellow down and take a kiasu approach to life.

But, today I was just reading though my blog posts during the last few year. Posts I wrote when I was sad, drunk, high on happiness, in love, heart broken or just plain philosophical. And it made me realize how much writing down these things matter. It clears your mind and surprisingly provides a different perspective to help solve life’s problems. Plus, it has helped my written English to improve so freaking much since year 01 of University.

So, I decided to continue writing; not only because I enjoy it but because I must. Honestly, some day I want my wife or children to read this blog and to understand that end of the day I faced the same problems; with friends, partners, school, money and just everyday life. Like of one of favorite bloggers said “…….. to write about life to make sure my future son doesn’t suck at it.” Hopefully, sons and daughters in my case (all 15 of them)

Honestly, till the 12th April (thesis deadline); the blogging world will just have to patiently wait for my return.

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