6 random things I “rather dislike”


I wanted to use the phrase “6 random things I hate” and thought to myself “hate” is too harsh a word to use. So “rather dislike” is it.

  1. Stupid/ignorant people. whether it is your “typical blonde” or “fundamental redneck”. Spend your leisure time reading a book or browsing an educational online article rather than wasting time on farmville
  2. Possessive religious people: I am sure you were made by a God but there is no need to persuade me to believe so as well
  3. Heat: call it global warning or just a hot summer. Why do I have to update my status as xx is still sweating at 1.37am. SO HOT!!!
  4. Immature girls: just let me know when you get over ur hollywood future bfs and fantasy “stay forever young attitude” and I may give you a call.
  5. Facebook-youtube-msn-skype-gtalk-tweet-allinone-while-trying2study people. Seriously, you have no right to complain about how demanding uni is if you cant even concentrate on what is required.
  6. Thieves: I mean the kind that photocopies full textbooks while spending hundreds of dollar on clubbing and expensive food

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