Girls Its “Our” Turn Now: Jocks vs. Nerds


With looks comes an expiry date.

There is no Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton of looks?

Megan Fox (Sexiest Women alive today); a name that is only as temporary as her looks and well how much she can pay her plastic surgeons. In no time, she will be replaced by a better version and as history predicts not that too long from now. There is yet to be anyone to go down in history for their stunning or flawless physical appearance.  Marilyn Monroe of 1920s, Madonna of 1980s (At least they had talent to go with their looks unlike most “sexy” performers these days) ?  For looks as we all know is only temporary; use it while you can and use it well. Maybe, why this category is never my type (previous post: Perfection)

Nerds versus Jocks; By Nerds of course, I am implying the non-traditional type; the individuals that understood the dynamics of life i.e. what makes the world go round. We sat back and decided that this was not a sprint but rather a marathon. It was not get-as much-action-as much-as-you-can but rather positioning yourself to finish first and the best.

The jock took the start: good and f&^k the rest approach. It is easy to get misguided by this simple philosophy. Sadly, teenage women too have been blinded by the superficial or materialist approach and always been drawn to these early sprinters. “Wow, look at how fast he is running”. While, we lagged behind merely as shadows only visible for the observant few knowing “he who laughs last, laughs best

Now, its the last last stretch; the last turn we worked the whole race for; the early sprinter have now mostly given up or lost their way. “Settling” for easier sports or at least less demanding ones. Slowly, reality checks in and people now start cheering for the previous “non-existents”. Women want to bath in our glory and jocks want to be our friends.


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