DaySpring Medicial Results


“Mr. Offbrown, we fail to inform you that you have isolated systolic hypertension, are underweight (another 2.18 kgs to fall within the minimum level) and have borderline high LDL (Bad cholestoral). We categorize you as follows:

  1. 10-20% chance (immediate Risk group) to get a stroke, artherosclorosis, peripheral arterial disease or abdominal aneurysm (modifiable risk factors: cigarette smoking) within the next 10 years
  2. There is 10% chance of developing myocardial infarction or coronary death in the next 10 years


  1. Stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption
  2. Eat less food rich in saturated fats (pork, beef, mutton, cheese) and cholesterol (egg yolk, liver. kidney, brain)
  3. Exercise regularly and manage stress”

So, to sum up: I should forget about becoming a lawyer and turn vegetarian and spend several hours everyday in the gym or yeah say goodbye to my social life. Oh, and start on a Will since there is a 10% chance I can die within the next 10 years (before 35)

Doctors…ZZzzzZZ… they sure know how to make you feel special 🙂

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