Mental Pain vs. Physical Pain


“Its not like doing two degrees right?”

My friend was screaming from the other side of the gym while I was despairly trying to finish my last set. It was a comment that I was expecting; I don’t do this for a living neither do I consider this an important  discipline worth pouring time and money on. But, I still got offended nonetheless.

Why ? honestly, it was because of the next comment that followed, “It’s painful isn’t it? Not like sitting on a chair for 10 hours reading textbooks”.

What I never understand is why people limit pain and hardship to physical semblances. Sure, when I am in the gym, everyone can see my pain and suffering: the anguishing face, gushing sweat or bursting nerves. However, the lack of such when I am busy studying does not logically follow the absence of any equivalent pain or suffering.

I think both require the same skill, determination through a trained mind – whether it is to do that extra set in the gym or read those numerous recommended thick “boring” textbooks. And honestly, I know if I can take 5 years of this university, gyming to gain some muscle and weight would just be a stroll in the park for me. For a well-trained mind (like mine),  physical strain is only as painful as you let your mind construe it to be.

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