Weird Must Knows for Men


Older man smarter women

Scientists studied 1,074 Swiss married couples over five years and rated them using several criteria, including age, education and origin. They found that couples in which both partners were not previously divorced, the husband is five years senior his partner and the woman has a higher level of education make stronger families.

An apology can be life saving

Scientists have claimed that when a man refuses to apologize to a woman for something wrong he has done, he could put her at risk of a heart attack. A study found that women who are starved of an apology for rude or hurtful behaviour suffer an increase in blood pressure, which can raise the risk of a heart attack or stroke

Adultery is an evolutionary imperative for women

When it comes to passing on their genes, women inherit a Dual Agenda. They need a secure nest for fifteen years to raise a healthy baby. And they need good genes to make a healthy baby. The best nest might come from her husband. The best genes might come from somebody else’s husband. It’s hard to get both in the same guy. Nest-securing and gene-sneaking are separable strategies

Sex leads to trust not vice versa

You can thank your hormones for this one. When you cuddle, kiss, or have sex, your body’s oxytocin production kicks in. This so-called hug drug helps you feel closer and more connected by suppressing activity in the part of your brain that processes fear and dampening the production of stress hormones. Orgasm leads to a particularly strong surge of oxytocin.  And because estrogen enhances the effects of oxytocin and we women have much higher estrogen levels than men, we’re more likely to experience this touching-leads-to-trusting phenomenon.

Phrases men love to hear

  1. You look great
  2. I love your [insert body part]
  3. I love it when you [insert action]
  4. That woman just checked you out
  5. You’re right
  6. Will you help me unscrew this?
  7. You’re not going bald.

If your partner says any of this; it is going be followed up with “Can you buy me that”, “Can I borrow your credit card”. Other words, she is manipulating your ego to get something she wants

Why the fascination with breasts

First you need to know a couple of facts. Humans are from a family of animals called the Hominids. This includes other animals like the Chimpanzees. Second, Humans are the only Hominids where the breasts remain swollen at all times. All other Hominids have flat chests, except when lactating. Third, Humans are the only Hominids who walk upright at all times.

So, here’s the answer. All other Hominids use the buttocks as their sexual attractor. But Humans walk upright and frequently are facing each other. So, Humans evolved permanently swollen breasts as an alternate sexual attractor. You will note that the general shape of the human breasts is similar to the buttocks: rounded with a cleavage between them.

Larger breasts more closely resemble the shape of the buttocks. This is the reason larger breasts tend to be more attractive, not because they “feed the babies better.” Also, the breasts tend to swell a bit more when the woman is ovulating. So, larger breasts also suggest fertility.

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