The Elusive Singaporean Girl



Sure God created man before woman.  But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece

Expectations and standards; to measure everything in life. To ran around placing a value and assigning it an importance. Yet, do we wonder from where we get these “numerical” values or subjective standards ? Maybe, it our upbringing, social circle, religion or some other factor. What matters is that we are all guilty of it.

As a foreigner, when I came to Singapore 5 years ago I had no perception of how life would be. Growing up watching American TV shows, movies and cartoons, I was indoctrinated in the American Lifestyle. Hence, I had certain unique expectations and standards when I arrived in Singapore and one area there was a vast disparity was when it came to women.

Women as a gender is just unfathomable and among this mysterious class dwells even more peculiar individuals/groups. Maybe, I am not an expert but to have known Western (US and European), Asian (Chinese) and Indian (or Central Asian) women for a considerable amount of time; Asian women poses the greatest challenge. When I came here I was presumed and ostracized as a “Foreigner”  and my lack of wealth did not aid in rebutting such negative stereotypes

Alot of things have been said about women here, which honestly I do not intend to go into since most likely than not I would date or even marry one someday (Don’t want to self-incriminate myself). But, to be judged because I talk more like “them” and future prospects (wealth and power) is the end of the day humans only showing no matter what civilized or evolved we would argue to be, basic animal instincts rule most of our fundamental decision making abilities.

In the end, I am brushed aside and left competing for the minority flavor where “unless you aint white you aint choice”…. Welcome to the real Singapore Offbrown!

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