A Shy Guy


To use an adjective like “shy”  or ” reserved” to describe me would be strenuous for my close friends. I always have an opinion and I almost always like to disagree (sometimes for the pure sake of it). On uncountable times, my friends have told me to shut up, be quiet and “put a lid on it”.

But, this highly opinionated annoying person transforms drastically when it comes a social setting. Constantly looking for the two or three friends I know to just tag along using words like “yes” or “maybe” to fit into a conversation.

This unhealthy behavior is intensified when it comes to women, specially if its someone I like. Recently, I discovered how hopeless I am. I managed to speak to every single person in “that” social circle except her. And its not even like I didn’t have an opportunity.

Now, I do comprehend why all the girls I have asked out were either close friends or I did so when I was under the influence of alcohol. In the former category, these were girls I never really “liked” the first time I met them but certain emotions evolved and blossomed as we got to know each. In the later category, science acting through alcohol suppressed my shyness helping my heart chase what my mind disallowed. (Un)fortunately, a strategy I renounced after exchange.

So, given my options, this socially shy guy is truly destined to fail in your case like the many before you.

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