Its All About English Now


Looking back to 10 years ago, this would be the LAST thing I ever thought I would do as a career.

To sit here and play with the English Language. To draft clauses, to write advice letters, to prepare submissions, to draft letters all in ENGLISH.

I was not the little kid that grew up reading nursery rhythms or story books. Nor did I have access to fictional or literature books during my teenage years. I was the struggling teenage with the 17 or 18 out of 100 for Literature or the 30 or 40 out of 100 for English Language. The guy who never understood grammar and couldn’t write an essay to save his life. The guy who had to fight to stay 1st of his class because of two subjects he only slowly learned to detest.

Now, I must make a living out of it. In a world where the aid of the thesaurus or online dictionary is no longer always at arms reach. Where there are no grammar checks or inconsiderate teachers breathing down my back. I struggle in a world where for everyone else its second nature.

Honestly looking back to the by-gone years of law school, it surprises me how I  managed to survive a degree that lives on the English Language. Although I am proud of myself for getting through it, I recall what my honors supervisor once told me:

Only thing that prevented you from getting a first was your language

Alas, that is anything but a confidence booster for someone entering a profession that survives on verbose language.

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