Good or Bad Person


Do you ever wonder if you’re a good person? I think most of us assume that we are, right? You get up in the morning, you go to work, you come home. You do other stuff, but it’s all like that. Mundane and inoffensive.

Maybe you get drunk a little too often. Maybe you see that the shop cashier didn’t charge you for that box of cereal, or gave you change for a ten when you only gave her a five, and you don’t mention it. Get in a fight with your girlfriend and call her a bitch. Or with your boyfriend and tell him that he’s just like his alcoholic, deadbeat dad. Maybe you regret it later, maybe you don’t.

You do these things, they seem like little things, and you don’t consider yourself a bad person. Everyone screws up. Everyone makes mistakes.

You know what I’ve learned? There isn’t much that separates a good person from a bad person. It’s like a glass of water, one that’s full to the top. You can keep adding water, if you’re careful enough, one drop at a time, and the water will actually rise up above the glass without spilling over. That’s called something, I learned it in primary school. I can’t remember it right now. I guess it isn’t important. What’s important is that you’re still adding water and it isn’t spilling over the glass. That’s what being a good person is, is being that glass.

But there’s only so many drops you can fit into that glass, no matter how good you are, no matter how careful.

You keep adding water, it’s eventually going to spill.

That’s one way for a person to cross that line from good to bad.

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