Better At It Than You


Moral dilemmas are becoming more and more prominent in my life. Here is another one;


You work for a boss in a big MNC. Your boss does a satisfactory job at work. But you know that if you can do your boss’ job better than him then there is no harm in competing for his job, right ? The answer may seem simple unless:

Your Boss: Friend A

You: You

Job: Friend A’s girlfriend whom you are interested in.

So then, is it morally acceptable to romantically pursue a girl already in a relationship IF you subjective honestly believe you can do a better job at being her boyfriend than her current boyfriend?

What is your answer? Does it matter whether “your boss” is your best friend? Does it matter whether “job” wants someone better than the “existing employee”. Does it matter that you are interested in the “job” only for short term gains?

To be a stronger believer in religion helps. It provides a moral compass in circumstances where you need want to compartmentalize the problem as one falling within grayness. My personal opinion on these questions may seem altruistic to some and harder to swallow for others. For me, I think it is not my place to judge whether someone is or is not happy in a relationship. In a religious person’s eyes, God has brought this man and women together and it is not the place for mere morals to interfere. If God does have a greater plan in place, He will reveal it in time to come so be patient. Patience reveals our faith in God’s timing, omnipotence, and love.

As soon as you gauge third party relationship from your subjective len, it only leads to you self-imposing morals and values without understanding the dynamics of that relationship. Similar to business or economic cycles, relationships have up and downs so to isolate and attack a relationship when it is weak is barely doing justice to the bigger picture.

p.s. This logic follows equally regardless of whether the other guy is a friend, workmate or your best friend.

That said, I do have a weakness for attached women but fighting temptation, that is the real test.

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