What Frightens Me The Most


The answer is abit too simple: Not marrying the right person.

Wah, this post is quite random but with all the marriages going on among my social group of friends it got me thinking.

Fear is bearable when you can contemplate or perceive what it is like. We all know what it feels like to get burned. So, does a person get frighten when he/she is asked to ran into a burning building ? For me, no – if you can understand the consequences of an action, making the decision to go through with it becomes easier and less dreadful (If you still are then it is just a matter of confidence or courage rather than fear)

The most depressing thing about this post is that I know; statistics are against me; judicial family law cases are against me; my career is against me. I know for this to work I must be that exception, the norm only ends up in a divorce.

So, given the stakes how do I approach this grueling task ahead of me: to marry the right person?

  • Do I follow the dart theory:

Throw as many darts as possible so one will at least hit the bulls eye.

  • Do I follow the friend theory:

Get as many potential partners as your friends, but keep your distance so you don’t fall into the friend zone, and slowly examine and scrutinize their personality and compatibility.

Whatever “theory” I choose, its impossible to visualize how this decision is going to end. A decision that becomes harder when you know your “future” children must bear the consequences of. A broken family is no place to raise a proper children, for an adult can live without a lifelong partner but a child should never grow up without a father and a mother.

Hopefully, if I am patient someday I will meet the right person, till then back to my Wills and Probate Assignment 🙂

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