Its Been Awhile


Yeah that’s right. Its not like I have been busy, far from it, the last few weeks have been perfect relaxing weeks playing xbox 360. Yes, I (including my flatmates) got an xbox, which I yearned since 2001 (when it first got released). After 9 years, its finally here and I freaking love it. With bar exams in one month’s time, some might say this purchase was poor timing. To them I say, nothing like reading Order 74 and then doing a machida takedown in UFC Undisputed 2010 during the self-imposed prolonged study breaks 🙂

Recently, I discovered that my blog posting haven’t really ranted about my life (also an observation made from reading the complains courtesy of my stalkers). Its either been a philosophical discussion or just random observations. So here are some “me” happenings:

  1. Got a xbox 360 – Yes!yes!yes!
  2. Came into possession/ownership of alot of furniture courtesy of our nice landlord which includes a nice TV, antique furniture, fridge, washing machine and the BEST mattress in the WHOLE world.
  3. Bar exam in one month’s time and surprisingly no pressure. Realized how much a pass/fail exam can relieve the stress and pressures of studying. Wish life was a pass/fail exam rather than been all relative and bell curved 🙂
  4. Slow realization that certain races of the opposite gender are just non-compatible with my personality and character. I am not here to generalize and fingers crossed that I do find an exception.
  5. A rearrangement of our apartment logistics has gifted me the luxury of a single room
  6. Started reading frictional books for the first time in my life. Finished Blink and now moved on to Street Lawyer but with my TV shows, xbox, dota, sleeping and oh yes “much needed” studying its gonna take some time before I catch up with the rest of the World.
  7. My mother was here for a few weeks and it was nice to be looked after. Whether our future wife/wives like it or not, all guys look for a spouse who resemble their mother. No wonder mothers and daughter-in-laws don’t get along.
  8. Enjoying the little things in life, air-con, home-made food, nestomalt+milk and a “triple marked execution from under the door” (Splinter Cell: Conviction)
  9. Had a revelation, if life is not going the way you planned, then you may have just planned it wrongly.
  10. Ask for people’s opinions and take them seriously. You may be surprised but there is always someone in this world who had to make the same choices/decisions as you have to make. So ask around get opinions and comments – remember an informed choice is always better than a blind one.
  11. Undoubtedly, some things are a matter of the heart. But remember that just because the outcome of the choices are not clear or the outcome of the decisions are uncertain does not necessarily mean its a choice governed by the heart or emotions.
  12. Life is unfair; if don’t realize this soon, you may never become content with your life. Sooner you understand the reason why these things happen to you (whether spiritual influence or through karma) the greater your ability to face the hardest test of all time – life – where the pass rate is just low not because the answers are complex but because people just don’t understand the question.
  13. We want/desire what we don’t have. The Car, the Condo, the Credit Cards, the Cash, the Country Club membership are goals for all Singaporeans regardless of race or religion. Get it and tell me if your happy, I will just tell you that you are just lying.
  14. It may have been nice skipping school, buying cheap alcohol while smoking weed at the beach (none of which I did – thank God for good parenting). But, people grow up and move on, every summer is not going to be “Summer of 69” and very December vacation is not “the best Christmas ever”.
  15. Pick your friends, there are static (specific)  friends and dynamic friends. My theory is find 3 dynamic friends and that’s all you will ever need.
  16. Your female friends get boyfriends or get married and your relationship with them changes drastically, which just mystifies me. More about this when I find the answer.
  17. It sadden me that a friend of mine said that “I wouldn’t let you (me) marry my daughter”. Of course, I fully understand why he said that because I won’t let my daughter date someone like me”. Nonetheless, its kinda sad.

Woah, too much “me” happenings which ended up been mixed up with life revelations. Anyways, with exams coming up around the corner, readers can expect alot more blog posts 🙂

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