Why am I a Pawn and not a Rook ?


Imagine if the World was a Chessboard and we are the chess pieces that make up the Chessboard providing it value and purpose (for what use is a chessboard without its pieces)

Whoever has played chess knows that not all chess pieces are identical. The pieces can range from a pawn (least valuable piece: Points 1) to the Queen (Most valuable: Points 9). Furthermore, these pieces serve different purposes and operate distinctly from another. For example: a pawn can move only 1 space forward (except in the first move – 2 spaces) whereas a bishop can move any number of spaces as long as it is diagonal (and there are no pieces blocking its path). Regardless of their various advantages and limitations, they goal is to: Checkmate the opposing side’s King while protecting their King from a similar fate.

Imagine if these pieces could express an opinion. The pawn would complain about how they are at the front of the line and can move only forward with no possibility of retreating. The rook (second most powerful piece) would complain how it can only move any number of squares in a straight line (horizontally or vertically) but it cannot move diagonal unlike the Queen or jump over either color like the Knight. The Queen would complain how it is the most powerful piece on the board but must protect a piece (the King) who has no real defensive or offensive capabilities (so may not even be worth protecting)

Why can’t the rook move diagonally ? Why can’t the Queen be the most important piece on the map? Why can only the Knight jump over pieces?

Now imagine: These are not pieces of a chessboard but real people living in the real world. Ain’t we like these grumbling chess pieces always complaining: why can’t I sing like Bryan Adams, be rich like Bill Gates, think like Einstein, be pious like mother Teresa.

Why I am born this way with such inherent limitations which prevent me from achieving the repute and fame I deserve ? Why should X be born rich and smart while I am born to a lower income family without any scholarly abilities ? Like the pawn questions its role in the Chessboard in comparison to that of the Queen we question ours.

But think of it this way, a pawn has the potential to be a queen (reaching the other side of the board) and the queen can be captured by any opposing piece in the board. We, humans like the chess pieces are not created not equally, but remember that our imperfections do not limit our potential as individuals.

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